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  • Data and User Analysis

    Analysing and evaluation of data and devices
    detecting of usage tracks

  • Analysis and Representation

    We bring together different forensic scientific dispciplines.
    Our team is able to analyze texts in following languages:: English, Polish, French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew

Workshops and Trainings for authorities

At our headquarters in Munich we hold frequent training sessions on many different customer specific topics.
Amongst our clients are courts, prosecutors, criminal investigation and civil services offices. We also offer on-site events on demand and if required, external resources can be brought in as the case may be.
Naturally we are also prepared to develop tailored programs to cater a specific need.

Training Topics- Workshops

  1. Searches on-site
  2. Evidence Collection
  3. Possibilities of analysing different electronic devices
  4. Survey – Types, Purpose, Usage
  5. Recent Developments in "IT-Topics" / Internet
    • Anonymous surfing
    • TOR / Darknets
    • Bitcoin
    • Bit-Torrent-Programs
    • Data encryption
    • Hacking
    • DDOS-Atacks
    • File-Sharing
    • Cloud-Services

  6. Working with sensitive data in a secure way
  7. Virtual Machines
  8. User profiles

Further "wish lists" possible. All our trainings and workshops are tailored to your needs.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
- Arthur C. Clarke -


Compliance with security regulations

The police perform regular background checks on our team. Also only authorized staff has access to the premises of Quest.IT GmbH.

Following regulations are to be respected by our associates:

  • § 1 of the law about the formal obligation of non-appointed persons, dated 2 March 1974 (BGBI S. 547)
  • § 201 paragraph 3 STGB - Offenses against verbal confidentiality
  • § 203 paragraph 2,4 and 5 STGB - Offenses against personal secrets
  • § 204 StGB - Use of third person secrets
  • §§ 331, 332 STGB - Accepting illegal benefits and corruptibility
  • § 353 b STGB - Offenses against industrial secrets

Securing of evidence

The following guidelines are followed strictly:

  • Trusted certified couriers take care of the transport of evidence and records.
  • Any chance of loss of evidence and mix-ups are eliminated by using our management system for orders and court exhibits. We ensure accurate processing of orders.
  • We have secure, police approved premises, where which all our evaluations are performed. All appraisal reports are exclusively prepared in these facilities.
  • All facilities and processes meet the specifications of the criminal policy advisory service for technical prevention from the Munich Police Headquarters.
  • The original evidence is "moved" as little as possible, because each "movement" could result in corruption of the evidence. Therefore each "movement" is properly documented.
  • The chain of evidence is preserved. To this effect a clean and solid documentation is a given.
  • The integrity of the data is secured at all times.


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